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Please note, all lessons will resume in January 2015.
Level 2 Tuesday Lessons from 7PM - 8:30PM.  Drop-ins welcome.

 We welcome you to join us for our special 
Valentine Milonga

on Saturday, February 14th.

Bring Your Moves,
Questions and Spirits to our Friday Practilonga!
Held every Friday at our studio at 9PM.

Give a gift of dance.  Argentine tango gift certificates available.  Please contact us directly at

We are thrilled to announce workshops with 2012 World Tango Salon Champions
Facundo de la Cruz and Paola Sanz
Victoria Day long weekend
May 14th to 18th , 2015
Stay tuned for details!

Thank you for Visiting and Welcome to Casa Tango Edmonton

Join our 6 week beginner session  in collaboration with Etown Salsa.  Let us guide you through your first steps which might send you on a life-long Tango journey.

(Embrace + Walk) x Feelings= Tango

We invite you to explore the beauty and magic of Argentine Tango with us.

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Our Mission
As a not-for-profit association registered with a city of Edmonton, it is our mission to bring awareness and to promote the development of Argentine Tango and its culture in Edmonton.  Argentine Tango was inscribed by UNESCO in 2009 on the Representati
ve List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.  

Casa Tango Edmonton seeks to preserve and promote the culture, philosophy, and dance form of traditional social tango developed throughout the Golden Age of Argentine Tango (1935-1952) and still danced in the tango salons of Argentina and around the world today.  Our goal is to create a supportive and inclusive environment, fostering the love and enjoyment of tango for all.  As a not-for-profit organization, it is our intention to reinvest all funds back into the local Tango community through support for classes and workshops.

We believe that Argentine tango is a social dance that virtually anyone can learn, independent of previous experience, age and physique. Tango is improvisational and natural, rooted in the traditional style of Buenos Aires Milongas. It is danced primarily in a close embrace, with simplicity yet elegance, within the music and a total focus on one's partner.

In our lessons, we dedicate ourselves to teaching you the beautiful language of dancing Argentine Tango.  Our teaching methods are the same as taught in Buenos Aires:  we emphasize the embrace, the walk and the connection as the foundation of tango.  We approach teaching tango the same way as learning a new language.  Instead of teaching you to memorize individual phrases (steps), we will provide you with the tools needed to learn the Tango language:  musicality, vocabulary and grammar.  With our teaching method, you will learn how to improvise right from the very beginning.  We encourage everyone to find their own "style" which should come naturally and not be copied from or be made up by any instructor.  While learning how to dance tango, you will find yourself entering a new dimension of life. 

We are dedicated to promoting
Argentine Tango in the Edmonton area and to grow our community of Argentine tango enthusiasts through lectures on history, music, tradition and etiquette, dance instruction, milongas and practicas.  We also host outstanding visiting teachers who conduct valuable workshops several times per year.  We hope that our passion for tango will become yours too.


Vera and Daniel Calcines
with Casa Tango Edmonton since 2009

Feel free to 
contact  us with any questions or suggestions.

 Warning:  Tango contains highly addictive ingredients, such as
 pleasure, pain, passion, excitement, connection, freedom, torment, and
 bliss.  You may experience withdrawal symptoms if you don't dance at
 least once a week.