Warning:  You might start planning the rest of your social life so it doesn't conflict with tango nights.

As a not-for-profit association registered with a city of Edmonton, it is our mission to bring awareness and to promote the development of Argentine Tango and its culture in Edmonton.  Argentine Tango was inscribed by UNESCO in 2009 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.  We believe that Argentine tango is a social dance that virtually anyone can learn, independent of previous experience, age and physique. Tango is improvisational and natural, rooted in the traditional style of Buenos Aires Milongas. It is danced primarily in a close embrace, with simplicity yet elegance, within the music and a total focus on one's partner.

Daniel Calcines was born in St. Petersburg, Russia to an Argentinian mother and a Cuban father, and like tango itself, he is international.  Growing up in Cuba, he was immersed in latin dance and music from an early age, as well as listening to tango music due to the influence of his mother, a native of Buenos Aires.  Daniel speaks fluently in Spanish, English and Russian.

Vera Baraz grew up in Russia and came to Canada with her family in her early teens.  She attributes her passion for the latin music and dance to meeting her husband Daniel.  

In 2000 both of them went for the first time to Buenos Aires, Argentina, a native country of his mother where his family now resides. Both fell in love with Argentine tango dance and since then have been studying relentlessly with some of the best instructors both in Argentina and in North America.  Inspired to share tango’s beauty and passion with Edmontonians, they have been teaching lessons, organizing practicas, as well as weekly and monthly milongas which are social dance parties. They dance and teach the authentic Argentine Tango social dance as it is danced in Buenos Aires and Milongas around the world.  With their yearly trips to Buenos Aires and other major tango festivals and events, they are constantly improving their own dancing, their teaching methods and also developing numerous contacts in the tango world.  They are pleased to bring instructors of incredible caliber to the Edmonton Tango Community to elevate social tango.  

They are dedicated to promoting Argentine Tango in the Edmonton area and to grow Edmonton community of Argentine tango enthusiasts through lectures on history, music, tradition and etiquette, dance instruction, milongas and practicas.  We also host outstanding visiting teachers who conduct valuable workshops several times per year.  We hope that our passion for tango will become yours too. 

Vera and Daniel are proud to have been asked to sponsor and perform for Canadian Cancer Society, Stollery Children's Hospital fundraiser, Canadian Latino Chamber of Commerce, Maple Leaf Alberta Projects and many other fundraisers and charitable events.

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