If you have completed our Absolute Beginner session that ended on October 10th, please join us for continuation of Beginner session 2 starting on Tuesday, Oct. 17th at 8:30PM for 4 weeks.  No need to pre-register, just drop in.

​New Absolute Beginner Session

Tuesdays: November 14th, 21st, 28th and December 5th  (4 week session)
Time:  8:30PM - 10PM
Cost $65 for the whole session 
or $19 for a drop-in lesson (on approval)
​​Location:  Casa Tango Studio located in Riverbend
Address:  4308 Whitemud Rd., Edmonton, AB

Please Note:
It is not necessary to sign up with a partner, but we reserve the right to close registration to either the followers or leaders if there is a big demographic imbalance in order to make the class viable and fair.  We encourage everyone to register with a partner.  There will be frequent partner changes throughout each class, more so if there is a gender imbalance. If you wish to dance primarily with a preferred or regular partner, that's no problem, however, getting accustomed to different leading and following styles is an important part of Tango learning and will help to accelerate your learning curve.

Description:  In our beginner series we explore the fundamentals of social tango in a fun, friendly and educational atmosphere.  This class is designed for people with minimal or no tango or dance experience; and also for current tango dancers who want to improve their technique and musicality working with familiar moves.  We will be teaching basic principles essential to Tango.  Key elements of movement in Tango (balance, embrace, posture, sense of axis, connection with partner, leading and following, walking, floor navigation) will be covered in this course along with an introduction to some of the basic figures of Tango. We will also cover tango traditions, etiquette, inviting and musicality.  With our teaching method, you will learn to improvise from the very beginning.

What to Wear:
Wear comfortable clothing that will allow for movement.  Footwear should have non-marking, non-rubber soles, preferrably leather or suede, for ease of pivoting and turns.  Avoid wearing platform, pointy shoes, shoes that grip the floor and sandals.   We ask that you wear socks if you don't have appropriate shoes in order to protect the dance floor.  Socks are a reasonable option as they allow your feet to make good contact with the floor, and allow some pivoting,​

Absolute Beginner 4 WEEK session