Our weekly TGIF Friday Milonga takes place in our spacious studio.  It's fairly informal and a great place to mingle, meet friends anddance the night away to a great music selection.
Some light snacks and refreshments provided.  

Bring Your Moves, Questions and spirits to our TGIF Friday Milonga!  
Everyone is welcome.  Introduce your friends and family to beautiful 
Argentine Tango. 

9:15 PM-LATE
Music will follow a milonga format with tandas and cortinas and will include some of the best selection of mostly traditional Argentine tangos, valses and milongas, as well as some mix of latin and alternative music.  Lighting will reflect milonga ambiance.
Or buy a monthly pass:   $40 includes 4 Fridays and a monthly Milonga (some exceptions may apply).

Location:  4308 Whitemud Rd.

Weekly TGIF Milonga and Practica