Level 2 lessons

Improve your tecnique with exercises and drills for leaders and followers...

Our philosophy, how we teach and what we teach.

Beginner lessons

Tecnique classes

In our beginner series we explore the fundamentals of social tango in a fun, friendly and educational atmosphere...

We have spent many hours taking master classes with some of the the best and well known instructors both in Buenos Aires and around the world and are constantly working on improving our teaching methodology to help you learn and enjoy this dance right from the very beginning.  We strive to promote Argentine Tango as a social dance, with emphasis on leading and following, improvization, and musicality.  Tango is the social dance originated and found in Buenos Aires, it is not the tango seen in stage productions, dance shows, or taught by stage dancers.  To us, a comfortable embrace and a nice feeling are more important than flashy, acrobatic steps (especially if they do not feel good!).  The man leads and the lady accompanies as an equal in the dance.  Since no two people can feel the same, tango reveals itself in a different way in each individual.  Tango in the end, is a feeling found within the embrace, in the movement between a couple dancing that is inspired by the music. Our goal is to teach you to dance locally so you can dance globally!

In our lessons, we dedicate ourselves to teaching you the beautiful language of dancing Argentine Tango.  Our teaching methods are the same as taught in Buenos Aires:  we emphasize the embrace, the walk and the connection as the foundation of tango.  We approach teaching tango the same way as learning a new language.  Instead of teaching you to memorize individual phrases (steps), we will provide you with the tools needed to learn the Tango language:  musicality, vocabulary and grammar.  With our teaching method, you will learn how to improvise right from the very beginning.  We encourage everyone to find their own "style" which should come naturally and not be copied from or be made up by any instructor.  While learning how to dance tango, you will find yourself entering a new dimension of life.

Tango often induces instant love and a life-long commitment: it will simply change your life if you let it.  Give it a try!

We will follow a set curriculum that will built on the material covered in the previous session...

Private and semiprivate classes

In our private lessons we focus on technique, posture, embrace, deepening understanding of movement, and giving you some much desired one-on-one attention....

Warning:  You're at risk of remodelling your house or selling most of your furniture to maximize space for practicing tango.